jordan1The most in-demand Michael Jordan rookie card is the 1986 Fleer #57. No diehard fan can be without one of these. The value for a ungraded card is around $100 and up depending on crispness as well as the quality of the printing: corners, surface and centering are all taken into account.

There are tons of reprints out there so be careful when purchasing an original. This might be the most frequently counterfeited basketball card ever. Only buy it from a reputable dealer. Investors opt for a PSA, BGS or SGC graded 1986 Fleer #57 as it can be considered a liquid asset. Today, a PSA 8.0 can fetch a price between $550-$700 while a Gem-Mint PSA 10.0 (perfect card) can get $6,000-7,000 at an auction.

In his first year in the NBA, Jordan averaged 28.2 ppg on 51.5% shooting. He quickly got fans and the media on his side, appearing on the cover of Sports Illustrated after being a professional for only a month. When Jordan was voted in as an All-Star starter by the fans much jealousy arose among other players. Veterans found it unfair that a rookie was getting so much attention. As a result they initiated a “freeze-out” on Jordan, where teammates did not pass him the ball for the duration the All-Star game. The mishap left Jordan unaffected as he continued to dominate during the season, earning him the Rookie of the Year title.

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